Amelia Thimble

Hello I’m Amelia Thimble. I’m 4 inches tall.
I have many joints in my body so I can be posed.
I just moved in on Donahey with my pig.
Piggy and I do most things together.
I haven’t come up with a good name for him yet.
For now I call him Piggy .
Piggy had to be fed . It was a long trip.
I sat to rest while Piggy ate.
As soon as I slid off my chair Piggy took it.
Piggy knows people sit in chairs not pigs.
I can’t get him to come down.
I hope I don’t have to lift him . He’s heavier than me.

6 thoughts on “Amelia Thimble

    1. We have small dogs at our house. The minute you move in a chair they crowd in and take your warm spot. If Piggy keeps it up he will be so big Amelia might have no room on the chair to be able to sit. She needs to help him learn the art of sharing.

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  1. Pigs are very intelligent..I am sure that Amelia could take Piggy for a basic obedience class and he would excel! Amelia is a tiny delight!! I am sure she is going to have a wonderful life on Donahey!

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