Lily in her elf outfit

Lily in her elf outfit.
Lily also has a vest to go with her dress.
In Lily’s world when an elf goes out to play reindeer show up.
Rudolph is peeking out from behind the tree to see what’s going on.
You can bet when you see one deer their will be more.
A second deer coming out.
Now their are four of them.
Lily was a little startled when she saw them standing behind her.
When she realized it was Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer everything was fine.
She told them she would soon be decorating the tree . They all said they would help if she needed them.

4 thoughts on “Lily in her elf outfit

  1. Thank you! Lily did need that warm sweater it was rather chilly outside. I knit her vest first and realized she would need something warmer to wear.

    I knit the sweater with red mohair and white yarn. The mohair probably wasn’t the best idea. It lays on top of the white yarn making the colors look as if the dye has ran.


  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! This is sooo cute! Her Elf Outfit is simply perfection!! No wonder the little reindeer flocked around her. Of course they love her…who wouldn’t. I will say again that Elf outfit is the best ever!!

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