ACorns gifts

Two of the little people in my person’s life gave some pretty cool gifts. The oldest of the two little people
painted this picture. He painted me here with a giant
I do enjoy sitting and looking at the painting.
I can just imagine me scampering through that big tree.
Then having a giant acorn for lunch.
The artist that painted my picture gifted me with this movie camera.
He picked it out himself with me in mind. He is the best gifter ever.
I will be able to make my own movies. I love it.
The youngest of the two little people painted this picture.
Doesn’t it have the best colors.
I could sit all day enjoying these two paintings.
I could sit all day if I wasn’t so excited about making movies with my camera.

Christmas decorations and lights

I hurriedly got my cape and hat on.
I’m being taken to see Christmas lights.
So pretty.
My person was having a hard time keeping me and the decorations in focus.
Giant candy canes.
Huge light bulbs.
Tall soldiers.
If I had known I was going to get out of the car I would have worn my leggings.
It is 29 out here. Just a little cold.
So many pretty lights and decorations.
Some more pretty lights then I’m off for home
I hope I get some hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm me up.

The Thimble Girls make cookies

Izzy and I are ready to make gingerbread men.
I think we have everything we need to make the cookies.
Izzy is hard at work mixing up the dough.
I’m watching to make sure she does it right.
One batch of cookie dough is being rolled out.
The first gingerbread man is cut out.
We are going to move our dough to another table to work .
Standing on books we were able to reach the table.
Our first gingerbread men are baked and decorated.
Would you like a cookie?

Amelia and Izzy want to make cookies

The girls want to make cookies today.
Gingerbread men cookies.
They don’t want to get their outfits
dirty. No aprons are in the house.
The girls have to make some before cookie baking can happen.
Looks like they have a good start on apron making.
Izzy’s apron is finished.
Amelia is helping tie it on.
Now Izzy is helping Amelia with her apron ties.
Aprons are finished.
The girls are saying they are to tired to make cookies now.
Maybe they’ll bake tomorrow.

Izzy and Amelia

Amelia and Izzy got new rompers today.
To go with Izzy’s new outfit she has a new curly perm.
So many curls Izzy keeps touching them to see if they’re real.
Now Amelia has her Christmas outfit . She wants to know why she didn’t get a
candy cane to match her rompers.
I told Amelia to go over to the table and see what’s on it.
Candy canes!
The girls try to decide which one they should take.
Amelia takes the biggest.
Izzy is still trying to decide.

The Thimble Girls Furniture

Izzy has her own bed now. It is a little different than mine.
Poor Izzy needs a mattress and a cover before she can sleep in it.
I’ll share my bed tonight.
A table and chair are finished.
Only one chair. Izzy has to wait on her’s.
It will be so much better when we have two chairs.
I might use this table as my sewing table.
My person said she’d put together a sewing room for me.
I’m letting Izzy try out the chair.
She says if fits her well.
My person better get to work again.

The Lamb gets shoes

Laid back Izzy watches Amelia as she balances on one leg.
Amelia suddenly comes up with an idea.
Amelia ask the lamb if it would like to try on some shoes.
She tells the lamb it will make her look pretty.
The lamb agrees to give them a try.
Ta da they fit as if made for her
Amelia says a crown on her head will be the finishing touch.
The crown is placed on the lambs head.
Not sure how happy the lamb is right now.