Amelia Thimble Gifts

A wonderful friend sent a box of treasures my way.
I was overwhelmed by everything in the box.
My tree, the red shoes and the sweetest little puppy are but a few of the gifts.
Not only did I receive a black puppy I became owner of a brown and white one .
My chair was in the box.
It’s the best chair to sit in and cuddle two puppies.
All the items around me came out of the box.
I have shoes of every color to go with anything I wear.
A hairbrush and hair clips for my hair. I even have a new wig to change my hair color.
Monkey’s and a doll and a teddy bear too.
In the closet to my right are dresses and hats I received.
Christmas for sure came early for me. It’s the best I’ve ever had.
I feel so blessed and loved to have such a kind wonderful friend in my life.

3 thoughts on “Amelia Thimble Gifts

  1. Amelia! What a wonderful winter surprise! Yes , Christmas has come early for you. You must have been a VERY good girl. We all oooohhhhed and ahhhhhhed over your many gifts. You are always such a delight.


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