Hidden in the snow

As the reindeer played in the snow.
Dancer noticed something black sticking out .
All the deer came over to see what he found.
He had uncovered the head of a sewing machine.
Upon further digging he also found the base.
The deer were so surprised at what they’d uncovered.
Who would toss a sewing machine out in the snow ?
It was in two pieces. Maybe it didn’t work.
The group decided to put it back together .

The machine was rather pretty once it was fixed.
It seemed to work just fine.
It was moved over to the pine tree with a note attached.
The note said:
Happy Holiday if you need a working sewing machine this gift is for you.
from: the Reindeer’s

4 thoughts on “Hidden in the snow

    1. My person said that many many moons ago one Winter she almost tossed her sewing machine off her porch out into the snow. It had succeeded in using up all her patience without ever successfully working.


  1. what thoughtful little deer….I myself have considered heaving my sewing machine out the back door at times….but then realized that the real problem was operator Error! hope someone finds the machine. Pretty cute!

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