Amelia Thimble plays some music

I have an old piano in my house.
Most of the year it’s home to a family of mice.
They’re very good mice.
They don’t chew anything up .
I bring them food everyday.
The mice clean up after themselves.
They make sure the piano is always tuned.
Tonight is my night to play some songs.

Ted bear has to be told to sit very quietly if he wants to stay .
I do think Ted is enjoying the music.
He couldn’t be sitting more perfectly.
Ted , now that the music is over lets hang the wreath on Santa’s chair.
It’s tradition to hang a wreath on a chair in our house.
When Santa comes on Christmas Eve and is enjoying his milk and cookies
he needs a chair to sit on for a few minutes. His chair is decorated so he knows where he can sit.

2 thoughts on “Amelia Thimble plays some music

  1. I am sure you played beautifully. How lovely that you take such good care of the little mice. Ted was very well behaved during the recital. And I really LOVE the tradition of a wreath on Santa’s chair. I am sure he will be very generous with such a fine little hostess.

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