Amelia builds some furniture

Making furniture that goes with the name Thimble.
I dug through my persons wooden spools of thread.
I needed one large one and four smaller ones.
I’m going to make a table my size and some stools.
I’m searching the button box.
I need a large button as a table top.
Now four medium ones for stool seats.
Found what I needed.
Now to get the furniture built.
This is a big button to pick up for someone my size.
Here it is as my tabletop.
These are vintage corduroy buttons from an old coat.
They make the best cushy seats for me
I wanted four stools.
I only found three old buttons so only three seats.
My little tea table and stools are finished.
After all the hard work I deserve to relax with a cup of tea.
As I’m drinking my tea I’m trying to decide if I should paint my furniture.