Amelias Button Bed

Amelia needed a bed.
We set about getting one built.
Out came many buttons.
Wire and wood also were needed.
I received a thumbs up from all three of them on bed making.
Amelia wants to know where the mattress is.
Here is the first set along with a dust ruffle.
The mattress is a mite bit to short.
A new one is in the works.
A simple quilt was made from a vintage top.
It’s to big for the bed. Need to make another.
Made a second quilt it’s far to long.
I told Amelia it’s better to be able to wrap up twice in one to long than having one to short.
She is doing that for now. Looks as if another try for just
the right size is in my future.
Good night Amelia.
Don’t forget to count sheep!

4 thoughts on “Amelias Button Bed

  1. what a great bed! My try at a button bed was a resounding failure! So happy that Amelia has you for her furniture maker! Love the bedding and seeing her all cuddled up. And the sheep is a brilliant touch!

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