ACorns gifts

Two of the little people in my person’s life gave some pretty cool gifts. The oldest of the two little people
painted this picture. He painted me here with a giant
I do enjoy sitting and looking at the painting.
I can just imagine me scampering through that big tree.
Then having a giant acorn for lunch.
The artist that painted my picture gifted me with this movie camera.
He picked it out himself with me in mind. He is the best gifter ever.
I will be able to make my own movies. I love it.
The youngest of the two little people painted this picture.
Doesn’t it have the best colors.
I could sit all day enjoying these two paintings.
I could sit all day if I wasn’t so excited about making movies with my camera.

One thought on “ACorns gifts

  1. Those two little people are great artists! Love the paintings thoughtful of them. Truly they are very nice little people! What wonderful gifts and that movie camera is amazing!! ACorn the famous cinematographer! Wonder who will star in your movies?


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