A package arrives

A package arrived today for ACorn.
ACorn did not remember ordering anything.
ACorn was not tall enough to reach the lid of the box.
He borrowed a couple of his persons rubber stamps to stand on.
Pushing the lid off the box he saw something furry inside.
A few seconds later the ball of fur looked over the box rim at ACorn.
ACorn tipped the box on its side.
The fur ball crawled out.
It’s a baby hedgehog.
ACorn is so happy it came to live with him.
I think they’re going to be the best of buddies.

Hiking Shoes

New hiking shoes for me.
The shoes have nice soles.
Great for keeping me from getting cuts on sharp stones.
I couldn’t wait to try out my new shoes.
I hiked up the boulders by Chestnut lake.
The view is amazing from up here.
It’s amazing in all directions.
I’m going to hike down soon and head home.
Got a few things I have to get done before nightfall.

Robin hat and rock collection

A robin hat.
It was crocheted for me today by my person.
She said crocheting is easier than knitting when it comes to my tiny size.
Buddy can’t figure out what’s on my head.
I told him it isn’t a real bird.
It is very cold outside. We plan to stay in today.
My friend Kjerstin made a quilt for me.
Buddy was happy to sit on the floor with me under it.
As I was sitting on the floor I had an idea. I should look at my rock collection.
I looked at rocks another time. I didn’t own those rocks.
I do own these ones.
Buddy is having fun walking on them.
I’m searching the globe to see where in the world different rocks come from.
I better go get my rock books and read more about them.

National Squirrel Appreciation Day

I’m home this morning.
It was National Squirrel Appreciation Day yesterday.
My person has knit me a new hat to replace my lost one.
Most people have ear flaps on their hats. I have cheek flaps on mine.
I need to have my ears out to be alert for danger.
This hat ties on. Less chance of losing it.
Yesterday afternoon I wasn’t home.
My friends came over bearing gifts for me for National Squirrel Appreciation Day.
I thought everyone had forgotten what day it was except my person.
I was just about scared out of my skin when they yelled SURPRISE!
It startled me so bad I threw my arms up in the air and almost fell over.
Such nice gifts from such nice friends.
I won’t have to crack those hard black walnuts for a while.
We all had to pose for a picture.
I’ll never forget this day.

Black Walnut

More snow piled up last night and this morning.
When I went for my walk I took along some birdseed.
Scattered it on top of the snow for them.
I reached my favorite resting spot .
Sitting on my tree stump was a black walnut.
We squirrels love black walnuts as much as we love acorns.
Black walnuts are much harder to open than any other nut.
It took me most of the day chewing on the hard shell to open it.
The walnut inside was sure tasty.
I chewed the shell up until I got every crumb from the nut eaten.
I was tired out from all the chewing on that shell.
I decided to crawl into the log and take a nap.
On second thought maybe I’ll watch the birds instead.

Better feed the birds

I was on my way out to see the snow.
It is really cold.
I see the cardinals in the tree looking for food.
I didn’t bring any with me.
Better feed the birds.
Back to the barn I go to get some seeds.
I’ll return to the barn walking in the footprints I made coming out .
Be back in a minute with the seeds.

Exploring the sewing area

I’m exploring the area my person spends most of her time in.
Her sewing area.
So many interesting things to look at up here on the sewing table.
Tiny quilt squares.
Maybe it will be a quilt for me.
A chicken pincushion.
Items for darning.
I don’t think she darns anything.
What do they have to do with sewing?
That needle going up and down is nothing I want to get close to.
She has so much stuff around she’s working on.
I couldn’t explore it all in one day.

ACorn A Scare A lost hat

My favorite hat was misplaced again for weeks.
I found it behind my persons keyboard .
Once it was on my head I decided to go for a walk.
I didn’t know it was so cold until I went outside. Glad I had found my hat.
As I was walking I heard twigs snapping, leaves crackling and what sounded like heavy footsteps behind me.
I stopped turned around and looked.
A bear was following me.
I was so scared. As I ran I lost my hat.
No way was I going to stop to look for it.
What am I going to do that bear is getting closer.
I don’t want to be a snack tonight .
I jumped up in the nearest branch.
I knew the bear could never climb the branch I was on. It was to small to hold its weight.
As I hung in the tree the bear began to talk to me.
He told me he wasn’t following me. We both just happened to be going the same way.
He wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t bother him.
I climbed out of the tree.
The bear came over to me so I could see he was friendly.
We continued on our way as new found friends.
I was sad. I lost my hat.
I was cold. It was dark .
I had no light with me to search
for my hat.
My person said if it doesn’t snow tonight
she will go down to the woods tomorrow to look for it.

I hope it doesn’t snow.

Grans visit

One of the Hitty Grans came to visit me.
She brought a doll and her sewing basket.
We were so happy to see each other again.
It has been awhile since we’ve been together.
As I looked at the doll she was going to sew for.
Gran sat back in her chair .
She started telling me stories about when she was a young girl.
She said she had a little doll just like the one she brought with her.
I hopped up in my rocking chair to sit back and listen to what she had to say.
It is so nice when Gran comes to visit even if she isn’t my Gran.

Stamps lots of stamps

I like looking at postage stamps.
I even have a stamp collection in a book.
My person has stamps. Hers are not in any kind of order.
My person has a few containers like this full of stamps.
I’m going to help her separate and bag them.
I hope I don’t get buried and lost among all the stamps.
Here we have a start on organizing these.
Now I will bag them so she can find what she wants.
We have a lot of bags full.
Today we have a good start on bagging them individually by their pictures .
We still have many more stamps to sort . It has been fun looking at all of them.