Stamps lots of stamps

I like looking at postage stamps.
I even have a stamp collection in a book.
My person has stamps. Hers are not in any kind of order.
My person has a few containers like this full of stamps.
I’m going to help her separate and bag them.
I hope I don’t get buried and lost among all the stamps.
Here we have a start on organizing these.
Now I will bag them so she can find what she wants.
We have a lot of bags full.
Today we have a good start on bagging them individually by their pictures .
We still have many more stamps to sort . It has been fun looking at all of them.

3 thoughts on “Stamps lots of stamps

  1. ACorn, your person is such an accomplished artist. We have seen some of her altered art work in your blog posts. You and she make a very good team! Her artistry and your organizational skills!!!

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