ACorn A Scare A lost hat

My favorite hat was misplaced again for weeks.
I found it behind my persons keyboard .
Once it was on my head I decided to go for a walk.
I didn’t know it was so cold until I went outside. Glad I had found my hat.
As I was walking I heard twigs snapping, leaves crackling and what sounded like heavy footsteps behind me.
I stopped turned around and looked.
A bear was following me.
I was so scared. As I ran I lost my hat.
No way was I going to stop to look for it.
What am I going to do that bear is getting closer.
I don’t want to be a snack tonight .
I jumped up in the nearest branch.
I knew the bear could never climb the branch I was on. It was to small to hold its weight.
As I hung in the tree the bear began to talk to me.
He told me he wasn’t following me. We both just happened to be going the same way.
He wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t bother him.
I climbed out of the tree.
The bear came over to me so I could see he was friendly.
We continued on our way as new found friends.
I was sad. I lost my hat.
I was cold. It was dark .
I had no light with me to search
for my hat.
My person said if it doesn’t snow tonight
she will go down to the woods tomorrow to look for it.

I hope it doesn’t snow.

7 thoughts on “ACorn A Scare A lost hat

    1. It had snowed. My person couldn’t find my hat. She told me not to worry she would knit me a new one. I hope it is as good as my old one.

      The bear was a good guy after I stopped and met him. I think we could be very good friends .

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  1. Lost hats, and lost mittens too for that matter – all are inevitable . Did you get snow last night? We did! But I’m glad the bear was friendly.


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  2. Is is always a good thing to have a bear as your friend. What a relief it must have been for you to hear him chatting and eager to be your buddy. He looks pretty cute.
    I am sorry you lost your hat but having your own personal hat maker (and sweater maker and furniture maker and…well the list goes on and on) is a very fine thing! I am sure the new hat will be wonderful. Stay warm little friend.

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  3. When I first saw the bear following me I was pretty scared. When he started talking to me I knew I didn’t have to be afraid of him. I’m hoping we can meet again in the daytime.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my lost hat. My person is knitting pink shawls. She will knit a new hat after the shawls are finished. I will wear my hoodie. It is warm and has a nice hood .


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