A package arrives

A package arrived today for ACorn.
ACorn did not remember ordering anything.
ACorn was not tall enough to reach the lid of the box.
He borrowed a couple of his persons rubber stamps to stand on.
Pushing the lid off the box he saw something furry inside.
A few seconds later the ball of fur looked over the box rim at ACorn.
ACorn tipped the box on its side.
The fur ball crawled out.
It’s a baby hedgehog.
ACorn is so happy it came to live with him.
I think they’re going to be the best of buddies.

5 thoughts on “A package arrives

  1. Goodness that baby hedgehog is adorable. What a great addition to your many critter friends. He is the cutest!
    And such a surprise!! Looking forward to seeing more of this baby and learning his name.

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