The Grans get new hats

The Gran’s came for a visit the other day demanding hats be made for them.
They left for home in a huff but returned a short time later.
The group pulled up chairs and sat at my sewing table .
After leaving them to sit for a couple of days I broke down and made them hats.
Rachel was the first to get a simple wool hat.
A small bit of netting was sewn on.
If Rachel feels a little shy she can pull it down over her eyes.
Elsie received a simple crocheted hat with a feather.
Vivian or Vi for short received a simple brown crocheted hat with a bit of purple on the brim.
Mary Ann’s hat is also crocheted. The brim is wired to hold it tight on her head.
A breeze will not come along and blow this hat away.
Tiny Sarah received a small pillbox hat.
At this time Sarah’s hat isn’t quite finished.
She couldn’t decide how she wanted it accessorized.
It may take Sarah a few days to decide.
At this time she is happy wearing it as it is.
I didn’t say Sarah’s hat was the last one to be made.
Two more Grans are waiting in the wings for new hats .

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