An unforgettable adventure

I’m off today on an adventure.
My humans haven’t taken me on one in a long time.
Two of the dogs are with us in the car.
Quick stop at a bakery on the way.
Donuts were delicious.
Arrived at the store.
Saw the biggest cart I have ever seen.
I got to ride on it as it was being filled.
We’re checking out.
On to the next destination we go.
My human hides me down in the cup holder.
She closes the lid.
I’m hidden and safe from the dogs.
Out of the car my humans go.
Cici the biggest of the two little dogs runs back and forth over the
closed cup holder.
Oh no!
Cici has hit the cup holder latch it’s opening.
No Cici no!
Bad dog!
Cici grabs me by the tail. She’s pulling me out.
She’s chewing my tail. Someone knocks on the car window within seconds of her chewing me.
It’s one of the humans. He gets in the car picks me and a few pieces of me up.
Tells Cici to get on the floor in her bed.
This is me. I have parts missing from my tail.
Cici did eat some of me.
Me again with a shorter tail.
You’re a bad dog Cici.
My human says she can make my tail better.
My human put my tail back together as best she could.
Gave me a touch up paint job.
I climbed up in a chair.
Looked in the mirror.
My tail isn’t bad now that its been repaired.
Except for a few missing chunks my tail is almost as good as new.