Signs of Spring

A couple of days ago we didn’t have cold temperatures with snow.
ACorn went out to look for signs of Spring.
Sure enough he found the daffodils coming up.
He was so thrilled he almost forgot it was Winter.
Off he went to purchase some Peony plants.
Peonies being one of his favorite flowers.
ACorns Peonies have been growing for 60 years.
Cream colored with a touch of pink.
They have a heavenly scent .
He has always wanted some red ones.
He purchased more peonies of different shades of pink.
He can’t wait to get out and plant them.
Now outside is nothing but snow and cold .
He didn’t realize at the time he has a few months to go before they can be planted.

6 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

    1. Our whole yard is full of deer. In 13 years they haven’t gone near the peonies in the front or back. Don’t know why. They love everything else that’s planted. We are so grateful we get to keep the peonies.


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