Shabby Chic Flowers

ACorn was very helpful in making shabby chic flowers.
He gathered up the supplies.
Cut his strip of fabric 3″ wide.
Folded it in half to an inch and a half wide.
Took it to the sewing machine and stitched along the raw edges.
It is like a long tube when you’re done.
He took the strip back to the cutting table.
Cut slits down to 1/4″ of raw edge.
Cut out a felt circle to use as the base.
Stay stitched his slit tube around in a spiral to his felt circle.
Started from the outside in to center.
Added a pearl button in the center.
Finished flower.
Three more flowers.
The last flower he made is a very large flower.
You can make a flower larger by just starting with a wider strip and a larger felt base to stitch it to.