A trip downtown to Gavins for lunch

Heading downtown with my humans.
We are going to Gavin”s for lunch
My human is putting quarters in the meter for parking.
The meter is yellow like my sweater.
Gavin’s menu.
What will my humans choose?
Gavin’s sits on the square.
I’m looking out the window at all the activity.
That is the courthouse I see.
People are going in to vote where the white tent is.
Looking East at the old brick building.
I have so much to see out these windows.
The town has some pretty neat streetlights.
My humans were going to show me more sights.
Stepping outside we changed our minds pretty fast.
The sun was shining but it was only 36 out.
The downtown square gets a cold wind coming from all four directions.
We headed to the car as fast as we could and went home to warmth.
I did have fun looking out Gavin’s windows.