Grans finish the yo yo quilt.

The Grans were out and about today.
As they passed a computer store they saw a picture
on the screen of a yo yo quilt. The lady had made it for her Hitty.
The quilt had a wonderful crocheted edging on it.
Four years ago the Grans had made a yo yo quilt.
They never finished the edge. When they saw the crocheted edge
they knew when they got home that’s how they would finish their quilt.
Ester pulled the quilt out of the cupboard as soon as they returned home.
They all looked at it deciding if the crocheted edge would work.
They all agreed it would look nice.
Finally the quilt could be finished.
The yo yo quilt had been made to look as though green pathways lead to flowers in a garden.
They used fine green crochet cotton and a #14 hook to crochet the edging.
The Grans laid the quilt on the bed to see if enough edging had been worked.
It still needs a few more rows before it can be called finished.
We send many thanks to the lady that inspired us to crochet the edging.

5 thoughts on “Grans finish the yo yo quilt.

    1. We did complete the edge last night . We are so happy it’s finished and can be used. We have it on the back of our sofa . Thank you. That cupboard is the best place to store our sewing supplies. Just close the doors and it’s all neat and tidy.


  1. what a lovely way to finish a yo yo quilt…so unique and perfect. And yes it does remind one of garden paths..
    I also agree that the Gran’s cupboard is very nice. And that bed is magnificent!!

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  2. It surprised us as to how nice the crocheted edging went with the fabric yo yo’s. Thank you for liking our cupboard and bed. We borrowed the bed from the unfinished Hitty dollhouse.


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