Fairy Garden 2020

ACorn is readying the fairy garden.
Some of the plants from last year looked a little sad.
Baby tears were put in place of one of the sad plants.
Such a pretty green color.
A hand propagated amaryllis seed is growing well.
This is its third year growth.
Someday we might get a flower.
An Eden Rosso Metallica Peperomia plant adds a bit of color and texture
to the garden.
Each time a piece of the Christmas Cacti breaks off I
stick it in the soil and a new one grows.
I have many of the pieces planted in other pots around the room.
My Ivy growing up the arbor wasn’t doing so well.
I planted this white veined Fittonia beside the Ivy to cheer it up.
I’m hoping the Ivy will grow better with a friend beside it.
All in all I’m pretty happy with the fairy garden this year.
I think the new plants will like it here.