Fairy Garden 2020

ACorn is readying the fairy garden.
Some of the plants from last year looked a little sad.
Baby tears were put in place of one of the sad plants.
Such a pretty green color.
A hand propagated amaryllis seed is growing well.
This is its third year growth.
Someday we might get a flower.
An Eden Rosso Metallica Peperomia plant adds a bit of color and texture
to the garden.
Each time a piece of the Christmas Cacti breaks off I
stick it in the soil and a new one grows.
I have many of the pieces planted in other pots around the room.
My Ivy growing up the arbor wasn’t doing so well.
I planted this white veined Fittonia beside the Ivy to cheer it up.
I’m hoping the Ivy will grow better with a friend beside it.
All in all I’m pretty happy with the fairy garden this year.
I think the new plants will like it here.

4 thoughts on “Fairy Garden 2020

  1. We are hoping to find some little faux bees to put around the bee skeps. We must have bees around. The leaf you see peeking out a bit in the picture is one of the paving stones in the garden. Every now and again we have a little fairy visit . It will soon be time for the Gnomes to return. They keep the garden in tip top shape over the Summer.


  2. wow…what a great garden. Love the plants and the ones you have added. Nice work…and happy to hear the Gnomes will assist with garden maintenance. also…I really like the Fairy Garden house.


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