ACorn makes some easels

Having lots of time on his hands ACorn set about making some easels.
Four easels have been completed.
Happy with the completed easels he heads off to make artwork to display on them.
Birds are going to be the theme for his work today.
Bird stamps are the starting point.
ACorn hopes to clear off his work area by using
up scraps of past artwork pieces.
The first easel displaying it’s piece of art.
He’s pleased with the result.
So pleased that he decides to work on the three other art pieces.
Finished his easels completed his artwork achieved his goal.
ACorn is a happy little squirrel today.

Going on a Hike

Hitty Meadow received a capelet to match her hat a walking stick and
a gathering basket today.
Meadow thought this would be a fine day for a hike.
She packed her capelet in her basket grabbed her walking stick
then headed off on a hike with ACorn and her pet fox Feather.
The trio stopped for a rest enjoying the view .
As they were resting a hiker pasted by and took a picture of them.
Meadow put her capelet on for a few minutes so she wouldn’t get a chill.
After resting then repacking her basket the trio headed home.
It was a wonderful hike on a beautiful day.

Meadow in the Fairy Garden

New plants had been planted in the fairy garden a few weeks ago.
Here you see the baby’s breath that has grown so tall.
Peperomia plants have grown well also.
ACorn brought Meadow and Feather to the garden.
Meadow feels right at home here with all the thriving plants.
ACorn is now able to stand under most of the foliage in the garden.
Feather is interested in following ACorns lead to discover new places to explore.
Meadow checks the ivy to see all the new growth sprouting out on the vine.
The fairy garden is the place Meadow and Feather will be spending their
time when the weather outdoors isn’t nice.

Hitty Meadow

Hitty Meadow and her fox Feather are new to the Donahey family.
Meadow is a Hitty that loves nature.
Feather goes wherever Meadow goes.
Tiny daffodils are blooming outside the window.
Meadow wanted to see them.
It’s not the nicest day to go outside.
Rain was falling off and on.
Meadow , ACorn and Feather climbed up on the windowsill.
Looking out the window at the daffodils wasn’t as nice as being outside but it was dry.

Maybe another day when its not raining they can all go outside.

More stamps

I have been so lucky at getting letters with many stamps on them.
A little box with lots of stamps.
Stamps on all sides.
This is the time we have been asked to stay indoors.
It’s the best time to ready my stamps for albums.
Here I have them in a sink full of water.
Soaking stamps to remove them from envelopes and cardboard pieces.
Stamps laying on paper towels face down to dry.
It would be awful if I put the sticky side down. There could
still be some glue on them.
Lots of stamps to go before I’m done.
I must have a million trillion stamps.
Back to the sink for the next batch.
Hope you’re having a fun time today.

Making a small quilt

Hittys make their first quilt.
Using vintage fabric scraps for tiny leaves.
Vintage green polka dot fabric for borders.
Leaves as they are pinned in place and stitched on.
Time to embroider the vine connecting the leaves.
Vines are finished.
Borders are stitched on .
Quilt is finished.

Effie makes a quilt

Effie runs her eyes over the shelf of fabric scraps,
Deciding there are enough scraps to make a quilt
she carries pieces to her cutting table.
Looking over her scraps on the table she
realizes this quilt will have to be made with random size pieces.
Effie sits down at her machine and starts sewing.
Now at the ironing board ironing the seams.
Between her cutting table the machine and the ironing board
Effie gets plenty of exercise.
The quilt top is finished and backing has been sewn on.
Effie can’t decide if she wants to tie her quilt or do straight line quilting .
She is having the other Grans over tomorrow for tea. They will help her decide what
method of quilting would be best for her quilt.

The little red door

Located outside level with the sidewalk I spotted this little red door today.
As many times as I have walked by this restaurant I had never noticed it.
I wasn’t able to get close enough to see who lived behind the door.
The weather was cold with a misty rain falling.
My human didn’t want to get down on her knees on the wet sidewalk.
Sunny warm days are the best days for being on your knees
on a wet busy public sidewalk snapping pictures.
A promise was made . We will come down again on a sunny day to explore a bit more.
Maybe other storefronts downtown have little doors.
I can hardly wait for warmer weather. I do hope I find more doors.
This was my only super wonderful discovery for today. A door just my size.
I’ll be back again soon.