The little red door

Located outside level with the sidewalk I spotted this little red door today.
As many times as I have walked by this restaurant I had never noticed it.
I wasn’t able to get close enough to see who lived behind the door.
The weather was cold with a misty rain falling.
My human didn’t want to get down on her knees on the wet sidewalk.
Sunny warm days are the best days for being on your knees
on a wet busy public sidewalk snapping pictures.
A promise was made . We will come down again on a sunny day to explore a bit more.
Maybe other storefronts downtown have little doors.
I can hardly wait for warmer weather. I do hope I find more doors.
This was my only super wonderful discovery for today. A door just my size.
I’ll be back again soon.

5 thoughts on “The little red door

  1. I was so sad I couldn’t knock to see who lived behind the red door. I almost dropped down on the sidewalk to kick and scream like a child having a tantrum. We will go back another time. I know we will.


  2. That is a wonderful thing to find on a walk!! how very exciting and to think there might be more little doors in your town. Wow…an adventure for sure!!

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