Effie makes a quilt

Effie runs her eyes over the shelf of fabric scraps,
Deciding there are enough scraps to make a quilt
she carries pieces to her cutting table.
Looking over her scraps on the table she
realizes this quilt will have to be made with random size pieces.
Effie sits down at her machine and starts sewing.
Now at the ironing board ironing the seams.
Between her cutting table the machine and the ironing board
Effie gets plenty of exercise.
The quilt top is finished and backing has been sewn on.
Effie can’t decide if she wants to tie her quilt or do straight line quilting .
She is having the other Grans over tomorrow for tea. They will help her decide what
method of quilting would be best for her quilt.

4 thoughts on “Effie makes a quilt

    1. Effie wanted to make a square dance block. Figuring how to downsize the pattern to make it small was more than she could do. In the end she just stitched the pieces together knowing the quilt would be good for warming her lap.


  1. Effie is obviously an experienced quilter! I love her sewing machine …what a perfect size. I am sure that Effie will amaze us in the future with more quilts. Maybe the other Grans will want to have a quilting bee when they visit her!

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    1. Effie is not so much experienced as thrifty. The other Grans are happy to help her out in the quilting area. They hope to pull out the quilting frame and set it up.


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