Making a small quilt

Hittys make their first quilt.
Using vintage fabric scraps for tiny leaves.
Vintage green polka dot fabric for borders.
Leaves as they are pinned in place and stitched on.
Time to embroider the vine connecting the leaves.
Vines are finished.
Borders are stitched on .
Quilt is finished.

6 thoughts on “Making a small quilt

  1. The Hittys did a marvelous job on the quilt. i love that there is embroidery as well as applied leaves. And the polka
    dot fabric is a cheerful addition.

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  2. well I am sitting here in a state of awe….and the Country Hittys are packing their bags to move to your house!!! that quilt is so sweet. How in the world did you sew on those tiny leaves!! yeah I know…tiny HItty hands!!

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