More stamps

I have been so lucky at getting letters with many stamps on them.
A little box with lots of stamps.
Stamps on all sides.
This is the time we have been asked to stay indoors.
It’s the best time to ready my stamps for albums.
Here I have them in a sink full of water.
Soaking stamps to remove them from envelopes and cardboard pieces.
Stamps laying on paper towels face down to dry.
It would be awful if I put the sticky side down. There could
still be some glue on them.
Lots of stamps to go before I’m done.
I must have a million trillion stamps.
Back to the sink for the next batch.
Hope you’re having a fun time today.

3 thoughts on “More stamps

  1. wow! What a lot of stamps…and how clever to soak them free like that. I would never have thought of that. I can hardly wait to see you in action with your album.

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    1. It is fun to look at all the different pictures on the stamps. Today looking at stamps I’m learning names of many local birds. I will have to get new stamp albums mine are getting full.


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