ACorns Easter 2020

HAPPY EASTER everyone!
My human had an egg hunt for me today.
There were so many eggs I couldn’t carry them all.
I also received a big chocolate rabbit.
Maybe I’ll nibble on his ears later.
Little peeps came out to see what was going on.
They are so cute.
The peeps wanted to know why I was carrying colored eggs in my basket.
I thought this was a fine day to wheel out the big chicken I received last Easter.

4 thoughts on “ACorns Easter 2020

  1. What a fun Easter Egg hunt! And yes the peeps are adorable. Marie Claire was very impressed with your large chicken! Happy Easter to our favorite little squirrel!!

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    1. I thought about Marie Claire as I pulled my chicken around. If she was here we could pull each other around on it. I hope all the woodens at your house had a wonderful Easter.


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