Stay At Home Knitting

At this time everyone is staying home.
My person has many small balls of leftover lace weight yarn.
She has been using them to knit little people.
She purchased the patterns on Ravelry the designer is Esther Braithwaite.
Here she is knitting a rabbit.
I can’t wait to see it when she is finished.
This is the first little person she knit.
Now the little person has a brother .
Oh my!
Another one .
Everytime I turn around another little person is added to the group.
A little nurse is knit complete with her mask.
A bowl full of little people.
But wait there is one more.
The little rabbit is done.
She still has lots of bits and bobs of yarn left.
I think more little people will be made.

6 thoughts on “Stay At Home Knitting

  1. Acorn , your person is a genius! The little people (and Bunny) are all too cute!! And just your size. Things
    might get crowded but I know you will make them feel welcome. SOOOO cute!!


  2. I think my person just needs something to do at this time. She’s not so much a genius. It is so nice having a bowlful of friends around. I think my person might make more. Maybe I will have two bowls full of friends or maybe just one big bowl of friends.


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