Outside on a cloudy day

I finally got out of the house on this gray day.
Climbing up a dry flower stalk I was happy to see the Bee Balm is growing nicely.
Solomon’s Seal is ready to bloom.
I hope the deer don’t find it before it does.
The deer like to eat Solomon right down to the ground.
The white Azalea bush is blooming.
I found a dropped flower .
Trying it on as a hat just didn’t work for me.
Too ruffly .
I climbed up on the old cement goose’s head for a better view.
I looked out over the yard nothing exciting was going on.
As I headed back in the house I spotted this basket of flowers on the deck.
I had to have my picture taken standing by them.
That’s it for today. Off to take a nap.

2 thoughts on “Outside on a cloudy day

  1. The white azalea are gorgeous…so many blossoms..even it they do make a good hat! So many things ready to bloom in your garden. That basket is so pertty. The virus has kept us from getting to the nursery . Luckily the peonies are in bloom and roses are getting ready to do so. Good to see you again ACorn!

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    1. It’s so nice that my human has had me make an appearance again. I hope to be out and about more often.
      The flower basket full of flowers was left on my humans porch on Mothers Day from her son. We would love to go to a greenhouse and get new plants for the garden but we won’t go at this time because of the pandemic.


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