The Egg

As I went to sit on the garden bench to watch the birds
I found an egg.
It could be a Mourning Doves egg.
Lots of Mourning Doves come each day to eat at the feeders.
The egg had a little hole in it and it leaked onto the bench.
No baby will hatch from this egg.
It was nice to get a close look .
The egg was was in the spot I usually sit.
Making it hard for me to sit in my spot I decided to sit on
the back of the bench. It gets me closer to the birds anyway.
Where are the birds?
A Tufted Titmouse arrived for a seed or two.
A little woodpecker has a bite of suet.
The birds don’t like the sound of the camera clicking.
My human is scaring the birds so I’m leaving.
As I reached the deck I found this Bee.
I looked closely at it. It’s still alive.
My human picked it up and placed it in the grass.
I hope it lived.