The Egg

As I went to sit on the garden bench to watch the birds
I found an egg.
It could be a Mourning Doves egg.
Lots of Mourning Doves come each day to eat at the feeders.
The egg had a little hole in it and it leaked onto the bench.
No baby will hatch from this egg.
It was nice to get a close look .
The egg was was in the spot I usually sit.
Making it hard for me to sit in my spot I decided to sit on
the back of the bench. It gets me closer to the birds anyway.
Where are the birds?
A Tufted Titmouse arrived for a seed or two.
A little woodpecker has a bite of suet.
The birds don’t like the sound of the camera clicking.
My human is scaring the birds so I’m leaving.
As I reached the deck I found this Bee.
I looked closely at it. It’s still alive.
My human picked it up and placed it in the grass.
I hope it lived.

2 thoughts on “The Egg

  1. Poor little egg! ACorn is quite the observer of nature. Looks like you have suet blocks .. we have them and they attract the woodpeckers and recently some orioles…always a delight! Hope you have a good week of nature walks
    and lots of birds…and bees!

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