Little Spider

I was out on the deck on the table enjoying the warm sunny day.
I was having a close look at the weave in the basket when a little spider crawled out.
I guess I scared the spider because it crawled back in really really fast.
As I was waiting to see if it would come back out my human
said it was coming around the side of the table behind me.
She said it’s still coming.
I turned around slowly to look but the spider took off again.
He crawled under the basket but I can’t see him.
Little spider are you under there?
Well I guess it’s not coming back out.
It was a little furry black spider with a
white spot on its behind. It was probably
a jumping spider.

2 thoughts on “Little Spider

  1. Oh ACorn maybe it was Lucas?? He is always wanting to make friends so perhaps he will come out to play with you one of these days. He probably thought you might want to squish him…but we know you would not do that. Those sure are some pretty flowers on your table.


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