That dog again

It’s a sunny day.
I’m out on the deck enjoying the warmth.
I climbed up on the rail . Looked out over the yard.
Nothing but green grass and trees.
No signs of life down the hill.
Hopping off the rail to the deck I saw that dog again.
You know that black and white dog that chewed my tail off.
Getting back up on the table I looked over to see
if she was staying put.
I won’t take any changes with my life if she’s around.
Oh great!
Now that dog’s under the table I’m standing on.
She’s still hanging around.
I may be spending my day up on this table.

4 thoughts on “That dog again

  1. Better to be safe then sorry (and tail-less!). she does not look all that ferocious….maybe gnawing on you was
    just too tempting for a black and white dog to resist! Glad you are staying out of her reach.

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    1. I wasn’t paying attention when I was on the table. The wind came up and blew me to the floor. That black and white thing was right on me in the blink of my eye. My human picked me up pretty fast and saved me.


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