Little Spider Returns

I was out on the deck today.
Little spider crawled out of the flower petals.
Those green eyes were looking at me.
A movement scared Little spider .
He crawled inside the bottle.
As he crawled down the stem he slipped landing in the water.
He managed to grab the stem crawling back up to the top.
He forgot how he crawled in. He couldn’t find the way out.
My human scrunched the leaves together.
Little spider escaped safely.
He quickly crawled back to the bud and dried himself off.
I was watching closely.
My human pushed the big basket of flowers close.
Little spider crawled off the bud and hid.
I think he was embarrassed that I saw him fall in the water.
It’s nice my human takes the camera out with her each
morning to capture moments like this. Little spider could have died if
she hadn’t been around to save him.

4 thoughts on “Little Spider Returns

  1. ACorn,your human is a very kind person. Don’t you think that Little Spider might be related to Lucas?? Glad you were looking out for the little guy.

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  2. My human is a kind person. She wants to rescue everything in need. I think Little Spider might be a brother to Lucas. He gets himself in lots of precarious predicaments like Lucas does.


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