Mud and Mackens Rock

It was a gray rainy day as I rode along in the car with my humans.
The dirt roads had turned to mud.
It was slow going with deep potholes.
I had a hard time staying seated on the dashboard.
The ditches were full of water.
We reached our destination. Mackens Rock.

I’ve been here a couple years ago. You never know what will be painted on the rock.

Finally we get to a paved road as we head home.

4 thoughts on “Mud and Mackens Rock

  1. What a nice drive…rain, mud, gravel/dirt roads and lots of green! That rock is very interesting. What kinds of things are painted on it? Initials? Hearts? Kilroy was here?

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    1. The rock usually does have Kilroy was here painted on it. Sometimes names, sayings, years never anything really but lots of color. This year the rock looks as though paint was thrown on it. Their is a cave you can go in.


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