ACorn's repaired tail

After the dog chewed my tail my human got to work repairing it..
Looks almost as good as new.
Having a few lumps and bumps in my tail makes it more interesting.
It still keeps me well balanced.
After the tail was repaired.
My human made me a cheery hat.
How could I not be happy . This hat is so funny.

Signs of Spring

A couple of days ago we didn’t have cold temperatures with snow.
ACorn went out to look for signs of Spring.
Sure enough he found the daffodils coming up.
He was so thrilled he almost forgot it was Winter.
Off he went to purchase some Peony plants.
Peonies being one of his favorite flowers.
ACorns Peonies have been growing for 60 years.
Cream colored with a touch of pink.
They have a heavenly scent .
He has always wanted some red ones.
He purchased more peonies of different shades of pink.
He can’t wait to get out and plant them.
Now outside is nothing but snow and cold .
He didn’t realize at the time he has a few months to go before they can be planted.

An unforgettable adventure

I’m off today on an adventure.
My humans haven’t taken me on one in a long time.
Two of the dogs are with us in the car.
Quick stop at a bakery on the way.
Donuts were delicious.
Arrived at the store.
Saw the biggest cart I have ever seen.
I got to ride on it as it was being filled.
We’re checking out.
On to the next destination we go.
My human hides me down in the cup holder.
She closes the lid.
I’m hidden and safe from the dogs.
Out of the car my humans go.
Cici the biggest of the two little dogs runs back and forth over the
closed cup holder.
Oh no!
Cici has hit the cup holder latch it’s opening.
No Cici no!
Bad dog!
Cici grabs me by the tail. She’s pulling me out.
She’s chewing my tail. Someone knocks on the car window within seconds of her chewing me.
It’s one of the humans. He gets in the car picks me and a few pieces of me up.
Tells Cici to get on the floor in her bed.
This is me. I have parts missing from my tail.
Cici did eat some of me.
Me again with a shorter tail.
You’re a bad dog Cici.
My human says she can make my tail better.
My human put my tail back together as best she could.
Gave me a touch up paint job.
I climbed up in a chair.
Looked in the mirror.
My tail isn’t bad now that its been repaired.
Except for a few missing chunks my tail is almost as good as new.

Sarah decides and a two more hats

Sarah couldn’t decide how to embellish her new hat yesterday.
She decided on a black and white checked bow.
Rachel’s crocheted Summer hat is finished.
It is open on the top .
If she chooses to wear her hair in a bun her hat will still fit.
Vivian likes a simple hat.
Not to flashy a plain ribbon with a little sparkle and a button.
The Grans are off to shop.
They are shopping in hopes of finding a new change of clothing.

The Gran's get new hats

The Gran’s came for a visit the other day demanding hats be made for them.
They left for home in a huff but returned a short time later.
The group pulled up chairs and sat at my sewing table .
After leaving them to sit for a couple of days I broke down and made them hats.
Rachel was the first to get a simple wool hat.
A small bit of netting was sewn on.
If Rachel feels a little shy she can pull it down over her eyes.
Elsie received a simple crocheted hat with a feather.
Vivian or Vi for short received a simple brown crocheted hat with a bit of purple on the brim.
Mary Ann’s hat is also crocheted. The brim is wired to hold it tight on her head.
A breeze will not come along and blow this hat away.
Tiny Sarah received a small pillbox hat.
At this time Sarah’s hat isn’t quite finished.
She couldn’t decide how she wanted it accessorized.
It may take Sarah a few days to decide.
At this time she is happy wearing it as it is.
I didn’t say Sarah’s hat was the last one to be made.
Two more Grans are waiting in the wings for new hats .


Snow fell most of the day yesterday.
ACorn and Phew decided to take the tractor out.
Pulling the sled behind the tractor Phew and ACorn took off for a ride.
Snow started to pile up in front of the sled ,
Then snow built up on the tractor wheels.
Snow was getting deeper and sticking to the tires even more.
Phew and ACorn hopped out in the snow.
They had to knock snow off the tires.
Both decided snow fun was over.
They didn’t want to get stuck so deep they might not get out

Finished Valentine cards

Hitty Ellen’s friend couldn’t be with her today.
It didn’t matter Ellen was determined to get the Valentines cards finished.
She got to work right away on a card.
The first card is made.
Ellen gathered a few more supplies .
Continuing on she soon had her cards finished.
A happy Ellen with a table of her cards completed.
Now comes the waiting for Valentines Day.

The Red Hat Grans

Last night the Red Hat Grans came marching into my sewing room.
They heard a red hat had been made.
All demanded to see it.
As they stood looking at the hat they reminded me that in this house
the only ones that wear red hats are the Grans.
For some reason they thought the hat was made for them.
When I told the Grans it’s Ellen’s hat. I got a ear full.
I heard loud and clear these ladies want hats.
Red hats, purple hats. They don’t care as long as they get HATS.
They finally marched back home a little upset.
I guess I have my work cut out for me.

A New Hat for Ellen

Ellen was planning on finishing her Valentine cards today.
That didn’t happen.
She did get a new hat made instead.
Ellen and ACorn are looking over the supplies to make her hat.
It’s time to get down to work.
The finished hat ready for a fitting.
ACorn came over to admire it.
The fit is perfect.
ACorn agrees.

Hitty's making Valentines

Hitty Ellen and her friend are working on valentines.
First the fabrics get placed on the paper background.
Next they will be stitched down.
They are then cut to size and stitched again.
Ellen is guiding the fabrics under the pressure foot. While down below
her friend is running the foot pedal for her.
Chain stitching the pieces is so much faster than doing one at a time.
The fabric cards are done being sewn.
Back to the table the girls go for the fun part.
Decorating the cards.
How are they going to decorate them?
We’ll have to wait and see.