Grans finish the yo yo quilt.

The Grans were out and about today.
As they passed a computer store they saw a picture
on the screen of a yo yo quilt. The lady had made it for her Hitty.
The quilt had a wonderful crocheted edging on it.
Four years ago the Grans had made a yo yo quilt.
They never finished the edge. When they saw the crocheted edge
they knew when they got home that’s how they would finish their quilt.
Ester pulled the quilt out of the cupboard as soon as they returned home.
They all looked at it deciding if the crocheted edge would work.
They all agreed it would look nice.
Finally the quilt could be finished.
The yo yo quilt had been made to look as though green pathways lead to flowers in a garden.
They used fine green crochet cotton and a #14 hook to crochet the edging.
The Grans laid the quilt on the bed to see if enough edging had been worked.
It still needs a few more rows before it can be called finished.
We send many thanks to the lady that inspired us to crochet the edging.

Simple Dresses

Ester was the first to get her dress made today.
Simple dresses have been made for the Grans.
The dressmaker still needs to finish the hems .
The Grans are lined up waiting for their dress to be completed.
They will be heading back home as soon as the dresses are finished.

Dresses for Grans

We had no real time to take photos.
Had a few minutes to snap these two.
The Grans kept me busy yesterday making dresses.
Three are finished. The Grans are so happy to finally
have a change of clothing.

The last three Grans are lined up with fabric.
They tell me they will also be very happy to have new clothing.
We are working today on getting the last three dresses made.
We have to keep the Grans happy.

A trip downtown to Gavins for lunch

Heading downtown with my humans.
We are going to Gavin”s for lunch
My human is putting quarters in the meter for parking.
The meter is yellow like my sweater.
Gavin’s menu.
What will my humans choose?
Gavin’s sits on the square.
I’m looking out the window at all the activity.
That is the courthouse I see.
People are going in to vote where the white tent is.
Looking East at the old brick building.
I have so much to see out these windows.
The town has some pretty neat streetlights.
My humans were going to show me more sights.
Stepping outside we changed our minds pretty fast.
The sun was shining but it was only 36 out.
The downtown square gets a cold wind coming from all four directions.
We headed to the car as fast as we could and went home to warmth.
I did have fun looking out Gavin’s windows.

Beaded Fruit

ACorn noticed today the urn of beaded fruit that sits on the hearth.
He tried lifting the lid to get a closer look.
It was much to heavy for him to lift.
He ask his human for help.
She lifted the lid.
ACorn climbed up to check out the fruit.
He was very disappointed to find it wasn’t edible.
He continued looking at the rest of it.
He wondered why someone would have fruit sitting around that you couldn’t eat.
I told him it was just to look pretty.

More hats for the Grans

Granny Rachel is modeling the new hats.
Blue flower hat.
Black velvet hat
St Patrick’s Day green hat.
Five more hats ready to be embellished for Easter.
Granny Rachel isn’t looking .
I borrowed her new flowered hat and tried it on the lamb.
I think it looks best on the lamb.
I won’t hurt Granny Rachel’s feelings by telling her that.
Maybe I can talk my person into making a flowered blanket for lamb.

Shabby Chic Flowers

ACorn was very helpful in making shabby chic flowers.
He gathered up the supplies.
Cut his strip of fabric 3″ wide.
Folded it in half to an inch and a half wide.
Took it to the sewing machine and stitched along the raw edges.
It is like a long tube when you’re done.
He took the strip back to the cutting table.
Cut slits down to 1/4″ of raw edge.
Cut out a felt circle to use as the base.
Stay stitched his slit tube around in a spiral to his felt circle.
Started from the outside in to center.
Added a pearl button in the center.
Finished flower.
Three more flowers.
The last flower he made is a very large flower.
You can make a flower larger by just starting with a wider strip and a larger felt base to stitch it to.

ACorns repaired tail

After the dog chewed my tail my human got to work repairing it..
Looks almost as good as new.
Having a few lumps and bumps in my tail makes it more interesting.
It still keeps me well balanced.
After the tail was repaired.
My human made me a cheery hat.
How could I not be happy . This hat is so funny.

Signs of Spring

A couple of days ago we didn’t have cold temperatures with snow.
ACorn went out to look for signs of Spring.
Sure enough he found the daffodils coming up.
He was so thrilled he almost forgot it was Winter.
Off he went to purchase some Peony plants.
Peonies being one of his favorite flowers.
ACorns Peonies have been growing for 60 years.
Cream colored with a touch of pink.
They have a heavenly scent .
He has always wanted some red ones.
He purchased more peonies of different shades of pink.
He can’t wait to get out and plant them.
Now outside is nothing but snow and cold .
He didn’t realize at the time he has a few months to go before they can be planted.

An unforgettable adventure

I’m off today on an adventure.
My humans haven’t taken me on one in a long time.
Two of the dogs are with us in the car.
Quick stop at a bakery on the way.
Donuts were delicious.
Arrived at the store.
Saw the biggest cart I have ever seen.
I got to ride on it as it was being filled.
We’re checking out.
On to the next destination we go.
My human hides me down in the cup holder.
She closes the lid.
I’m hidden and safe from the dogs.
Out of the car my humans go.
Cici the biggest of the two little dogs runs back and forth over the
closed cup holder.
Oh no!
Cici has hit the cup holder latch it’s opening.
No Cici no!
Bad dog!
Cici grabs me by the tail. She’s pulling me out.
She’s chewing my tail. Someone knocks on the car window within seconds of her chewing me.
It’s one of the humans. He gets in the car picks me and a few pieces of me up.
Tells Cici to get on the floor in her bed.
This is me. I have parts missing from my tail.
Cici did eat some of me.
Me again with a shorter tail.
You’re a bad dog Cici.
My human says she can make my tail better.
My human put my tail back together as best she could.
Gave me a touch up paint job.
I climbed up in a chair.
Looked in the mirror.
My tail isn’t bad now that its been repaired.
Except for a few missing chunks my tail is almost as good as new.