One Peony

It rained today.
The rain came down so hard .
One peony was beaten to the ground.
I was happy my human saved the peony.
It’s a nice big flower.
Smells so good!
My human only had a large water bottle handy.
It was half full of marbles and pennies.
That’s alright it will hold the peony.
The peony looks good up there .
My human put a doily under the bottle.
Perfect flower for the outdoor table.

That dog again

It’s a sunny day.
I’m out on the deck enjoying the warmth.
I climbed up on the rail . Looked out over the yard.
Nothing but green grass and trees.
No signs of life down the hill.
Hopping off the rail to the deck I saw that dog again.
You know that black and white dog that chewed my tail off.
Getting back up on the table I looked over to see
if she was staying put.
I won’t take any changes with my life if she’s around.
Oh great!
Now that dog’s under the table I’m standing on.
She’s still hanging around.
I may be spending my day up on this table.

Little Spider

I was out on the deck on the table enjoying the warm sunny day.
I was having a close look at the weave in the basket when a little spider crawled out.
I guess I scared the spider because it crawled back in really really fast.
As I was waiting to see if it would come back out my human
said it was coming around the side of the table behind me.
She said it’s still coming.
I turned around slowly to look but the spider took off again.
He crawled under the basket but I can’t see him.
Little spider are you under there?
Well I guess it’s not coming back out.
It was a little furry black spider with a
white spot on its behind. It was probably
a jumping spider.


As we crested the hill on a country road I saw this buzzard
sitting on a fence post. It is just above my ear on the left.
When my human stopped the car the buzzard flew off.
It didn’t fly far just to the right of me in a tree.
It held its wings out like it wanted me to go away.
When we looked on the other side of the road we saw these
three sitting on top of old rusty tanks. We didn’t see
any food they might be eating. Maybe they were just resting.
As we drove around the countryside we saw more buzzards in trees.
The gray sky helped this buzzard show up .
At my humans house we have three buzzards that live across the street.
They come and sit on our roof .
The buzzards line up on the roof and look like guards.

A drive enjoying the color green

After staying home for 2 months it was wonderful to go
for a drive.
I realized while the misty rain falls greens of nature glow.
Green has so many shades.
The brown tree trunks were calling me to come climb them.
I wouldn’t jump from the car window my humans might drive off
without me.
So peaceful.
There’s a river its water brown from the mud.
Beautiful trees .
Shades of a lighter green.
I see the forest ending down the road.
It’s been a nice drive.

The Egg

As I went to sit on the garden bench to watch the birds
I found an egg.
It could be a Mourning Doves egg.
Lots of Mourning Doves come each day to eat at the feeders.
The egg had a little hole in it and it leaked onto the bench.
No baby will hatch from this egg.
It was nice to get a close look .
The egg was was in the spot I usually sit.
Making it hard for me to sit in my spot I decided to sit on
the back of the bench. It gets me closer to the birds anyway.
Where are the birds?
A Tufted Titmouse arrived for a seed or two.
A little woodpecker has a bite of suet.
The birds don’t like the sound of the camera clicking.
My human is scaring the birds so I’m leaving.
As I reached the deck I found this Bee.
I looked closely at it. It’s still alive.
My human picked it up and placed it in the grass.
I hope it lived.

ACorn and the Altered Book

I’m looking at the book page to see what my
human is going to do with it.
The page is going to be altered inspired by LoriMarie Jenkins.
The first layer put down is called the underpants.
I think the second layer must be called the slip.
I don’t want to get to close.
I might get stuck to the page as part of the design.
Now a napkin has been placed over the whole page.
Tissue paper over the napkin.
The dress is made from scraps of fabric.
My human has placed the dress and other pieces of fabric on the page.
She said she is just laying them on to see how they look.
The page isn’t finished . My human isn’t happy with it .
She is still working to make it look just right.
Here are a couple of Our Village houses. She did finish these ones.
All the doors and windows have something in them.
I think these pages are a little scary.
Back to watching my human finish the dress page.

Outside on a cloudy day

I finally got out of the house on this gray day.
Climbing up a dry flower stalk I was happy to see the Bee Balm is growing nicely.
Solomon’s Seal is ready to bloom.
I hope the deer don’t find it before it does.
The deer like to eat Solomon right down to the ground.
The white Azalea bush is blooming.
I found a dropped flower .
Trying it on as a hat just didn’t work for me.
Too ruffly .
I climbed up on the old cement goose’s head for a better view.
I looked out over the yard nothing exciting was going on.
As I headed back in the house I spotted this basket of flowers on the deck.
I had to have my picture taken standing by them.
That’s it for today. Off to take a nap.

More 3″ knitted Izzy Characters

What is she knitting now?
The paper say 3″ something.
Lots of shades of brown yarn here.
Maybe she is knitting a squirrel.
Whatever is being knit is coming along just fine.
Stills looks like it could be a squirrel.
Sorry ACorn a fox was being knit.
Looks like you have a few new animal friends.
Where is that ACorn anyway.
No this is not ACorn it’s Phew.
He likes the new friends. A fox a chicken and an owl.
I guess she wasn’t knitting a squirrel.
Wow! Four new ones have been made.
What do you think ACorn?
Do you think she’s going to make more??????