ACorn and the Altered Book

I’m looking at the book page to see what my
human is going to do with it.
The page is going to be altered inspired by LoriMarie Jenkins.
The first layer put down is called the underpants.
I think the second layer must be called the slip.
I don’t want to get to close.
I might get stuck to the page as part of the design.
Now a napkin has been placed over the whole page.
Tissue paper over the napkin.
The dress is made from scraps of fabric.
My human has placed the dress and other pieces of fabric on the page.
She said she is just laying them on to see how they look.
The page isn’t finished . My human isn’t happy with it .
She is still working to make it look just right.
Here are a couple of Our Village houses. She did finish these ones.
All the doors and windows have something in them.
I think these pages are a little scary.
Back to watching my human finish the dress page.