Robin hat and rock collection

A robin hat.
It was crocheted for me today by my person.
She said crocheting is easier than knitting when it comes to my tiny size.
Buddy can’t figure out what’s on my head.
I told him it isn’t a real bird.
It is very cold outside. We plan to stay in today.
My friend Kjerstin made a quilt for me.
Buddy was happy to sit on the floor with me under it.
As I was sitting on the floor I had an idea. I should look at my rock collection.
I looked at rocks another time. I didn’t own those rocks.
I do own these ones.
Buddy is having fun walking on them.
I’m searching the globe to see where in the world different rocks come from.
I better go get my rock books and read more about them.

National Squirrel Appreciation Day

I’m home this morning.
It was National Squirrel Appreciation Day yesterday.
My person has knit me a new hat to replace my lost one.
Most people have ear flaps on their hats. I have cheek flaps on mine.
I need to have my ears out to be alert for danger.
This hat ties on. Less chance of losing it.
Yesterday afternoon I wasn’t home.
My friends came over bearing gifts for me for National Squirrel Appreciation Day.
I thought everyone had forgotten what day it was except my person.
I was just about scared out of my skin when they yelled SURPRISE!
It startled me so bad I threw my arms up in the air and almost fell over.
Such nice gifts from such nice friends.
I won’t have to crack those hard black walnuts for a while.
We all had to pose for a picture.
I’ll never forget this day.

National Dress Your Pet Day

I called Buddy over to me this morning.
I told him it is National Dress Your Pet Day.
I ask if he’d mind being dressed up. Buddy said he was fine with that idea.
I helped him into his sweater. 
I told him it looked good .
I put a pair of my socks on his back feet. His front feet will have to stay cold. I only have one pair .
Buddy ask for a pair of shades. He wanted to look cool.
Buddy didn’t like the socks on his feet so he removed them. 
He said the shades are not his size.
 He would wear the sweater for National Dress Your Pet Day but nothing else.

Buddy’s Bath

ACorn keeps a pair of red boots right outside his door.
Good that ACorn’s boots are handy. We had snow in the morning . By afternoon it melted. Next day it rained. Lots of mud everywhere.
 ACorn has to take Buddy out. Buddy he doesn’t have boots. Being a dog he has to go outside to use the bathroom. 
Not only do his feet get muddy his belly does too. He is low to the ground.
ACorn decided Buddy needed a bath to get all that mud off of him. 
They pulled out the washtub. 
The tub was placed next to the wood stove so Buddy wouldn’t get cold. 
ACorn added in some water. Thinking it would be fun for Buddy he added in some soap for a bubble bath. Not to much ACorn!
Maybe just a bit to much soap was added.
Buddy likes the bubbles.
Acorn has an idea. Off he runs to get each of them a bubble wand. 
Now they can blow bubbles as Buddy gets clean.

Buddy is clean.  Bath is over. Water is dumped.
  Getting dried with a warm towel. What could be better?
Laying by a warm stove. Everything is wonderful !