ACorns gifts

Two of the little people in my person’s life gave some pretty cool gifts. The oldest of the two little people
painted this picture. He painted me here with a giant
I do enjoy sitting and looking at the painting.
I can just imagine me scampering through that big tree.
Then having a giant acorn for lunch.
The artist that painted my picture gifted me with this movie camera.
He picked it out himself with me in mind. He is the best gifter ever.
I will be able to make my own movies. I love it.
The youngest of the two little people painted this picture.
Doesn’t it have the best colors.
I could sit all day enjoying these two paintings.
I could sit all day if I wasn’t so excited about making movies with my camera.

Christmas decorations and lights

I hurriedly got my cape and hat on.
I’m being taken to see Christmas lights.
So pretty.
My person was having a hard time keeping me and the decorations in focus.
Giant candy canes.
Huge light bulbs.
Tall soldiers.
If I had known I was going to get out of the car I would have worn my leggings.
It is 29 out here. Just a little cold.
So many pretty lights and decorations.
Some more pretty lights then I’m off for home
I hope I get some hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm me up.

Christmas Parade

Last night I went to watch the Christmas Parade.
I stood on the car hood to see the floats.
Pretty trees went by.
Floats went by.
This is so much fun!
Someone passing by even put candy on the hood for me.
When Santa goes by the parade is over.
Merry Christmas Santa!
It was a nice parade.
I got all this just for going and watching it.

Amelia as an angel on the tree

As I stood looking at the decorated tree.
I came up with an idea.
I thought it would be fun to be an angel on the tree.
I ran and put on my angel dress with wings.
I climbed up into the tree.
This spot was fine but I wanted to explore other places on the tree.
This spot is a little better.
I’m up kind of high. The floor is a long way down.
Being an angel on the tree was kind of fun
I didn’t like being up so high.
I was afraid of falling .
I saw the cats down below. I knew they would carry me off if I fell.
I decided I would admire the tree from my persons hand.
I could always dress up and be an angel in my own home.

Lily in her elf outfit

Lily in her elf outfit.
Lily also has a vest to go with her dress.
In Lily’s world when an elf goes out to play reindeer show up.
Rudolph is peeking out from behind the tree to see what’s going on.
You can bet when you see one deer their will be more.
A second deer coming out.
Now their are four of them.
Lily was a little startled when she saw them standing behind her.
When she realized it was Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer everything was fine.
She told them she would soon be decorating the tree . They all said they would help if she needed them.

Christmas is coming

It is time to see some decorated trees.
The first thing I saw when I walked in the room .
Jolly Old St Nick.
Can you see me in his hand?
I fit in the palm of his hand so well.
A tree of rats drew my attention.
I sat on this guys foot .
The view from here was much different than walking around looking at trees.
I spotted this dessert tree.
My person liked this one.
It had dessert ornaments my size on it.
Baker Nick with a tray full of goodies.
When I got home a surprise was waiting for me.
I think this cookie could last me for weeks.
Maybe a year. Maybe forever.