New Shawls for all

All the ladies are sporting new shawls.
The human in the family stopped at a second hand store.

She found large skeins of lace weight yarn in three different colors.
This is the latest skein she found it’s peach.
We all checked it over to see what could be made with it.
Rachel on the far left had her shawl crocheted from this yarn.
We really have no idea what else will be made from this large
bit of yarn. We know we’ll like whatever it is.
We are comfy cozy warm in the shawls that have been knit and crocheted for us.
In the meantime Sarah and I are rolling the leftover lavender yarn into a ball.
In our drafty house we all have warm shoulders .

The Grans get new hats

The Gran’s came for a visit the other day demanding hats be made for them.
They left for home in a huff but returned a short time later.
The group pulled up chairs and sat at my sewing table .
After leaving them to sit for a couple of days I broke down and made them hats.
Rachel was the first to get a simple wool hat.
A small bit of netting was sewn on.
If Rachel feels a little shy she can pull it down over her eyes.
Elsie received a simple crocheted hat with a feather.
Vivian or Vi for short received a simple brown crocheted hat with a bit of purple on the brim.
Mary Ann’s hat is also crocheted. The brim is wired to hold it tight on her head.
A breeze will not come along and blow this hat away.
Tiny Sarah received a small pillbox hat.
At this time Sarah’s hat isn’t quite finished.
She couldn’t decide how she wanted it accessorized.
It may take Sarah a few days to decide.
At this time she is happy wearing it as it is.
I didn’t say Sarah’s hat was the last one to be made.
Two more Grans are waiting in the wings for new hats .

Amelia is getting a bear rug

My person found a pattern on etsy.
The pattern is by The Bead loom Gallery.
It’s for a bear rug my size.
It is knit and crocheted.
I’m patiently waiting for her to make it.
The head is finished.
The body is being knit.
It’s almost finished.
The rug will work great as a reading rug.
When it’s finished I am going to sit on it and read my favorite book.
The Forgotten Bear by Consuelo Joerns.

Amelia and her new clothes

Amelia is on her way to see her new dresses.
The ride on the pig is rather slow.
Amelia slips and slides on piggy’s back.
Shes fearful of falling off.
Finally Amelia arrives.
Checking out her newly knit dress.
She seems pleased .
She looks at the yellow dress.
Then wonders why she has two dresses the same color.
Amelia is very thrilled to see piggy is getting
a new riding blanket knit for him.
Now when she’s on piggy’s back he can go faster and she won’t fall off.

Knitting and crocheting for a tiny bjd……Lily

Lily is not quite 6 inches. Sometimes making clothing for her can be a challenge
These little crochet patterns were purchased from:
Lily is so happy to have a bear outfit.
It makes her happy wearing it while she is carrying her Teddy Bear.
Lily had to have an owl hat with matching dress.
Lily in her mouse outfit.
A ladybug dress. She will be getting a matching hat later.
Poor Lily is so exhausted after trying on her dresses.
She needed to sit in her comfy rocker and hug her teddy.
These outfits are all crocheted. Lily did get a few more dresses knit for her this past week.
A little knit dress and sweater are in the finishing process.
Lily will get a matching hat for this outfit.

Scarf Project 2019

I helped with the scarf project again this year.
If you look really hard you can see me sitting among some of them.
Many scarves lined the fence for passerby’s to take.
All colors and sizes.
Some had hats . Some had mittens
All scarves to keep many necks warm this Winter.
This one was like being cuddled by a teddy bear.
This hat almost looks like the one I have on.
Another warm hat. I may need one like this for myself.
I better ask my person about knitting one for me.
Bright colored scarves to make one feel warm on cold days.
It was a cold day today but I had fun.
I’m hoping my person makes me a scarf. I don’t have one.

The Scarf Project

In our town the Scarf Project was started by Toni Kaltenbaugh.
Volunteers work all year knitting or crocheting scarves
and sometimes hats for the project. One day a year in November the
scarves and hats are hung in high traffic areas. Anyone that needs
one can take it for free. This year 1,593 scarves and 268 hats were made.
It was time for my person to help work on the Scarf Project tagging and bagging them.
I went along . I’m sitting among the scarves.
Here I am.
Here are just a small amount of what had been made.
I love going along each year to see this wonderful project in action.

Bigger Lake, 2nd Kayak,Bushes and a Tree

I wanted my friends to go kayaking with me.
It meant my person had to crochet a second kayak.

We then had to have the lake expanded.
More rocks had to be knit and felted .
A bush was crocheted today for landscape 
around the lake.
A second bush was made .
A tree is now being crocheted.
Phew had only one request for the crocheter. 
Crochet a paddle for the second kayak. 
I had to paddle out and tow Phew back to shore.
Phew looked rather frightened.
He’d gone off without his life jacket on.
My poor person has a few more items
to crochet before our lake scene is finished.


Today the little wooden’s are getting small crocheted blankets.
I’m in charge of picking a favorite.
I decided they are each perfect for their critter.
Wee likes color.
Patrick likes to blend in.
Sly likes having the grass under his feet.
Judging is over.
I am reading them a story as they snuggle in their new blankets.