Working on Sew4thesoulbook

Sew4thesoulbook is a fabric book I’m working on at this time. All fabric and hand stitching. A friend gave me a bag of blue fabric pieces that I’m using . Pages 1 and 2 . Theme circles and squares . Embroidery stitches are whimsical versions of straight stitching.
Pages 3 and 4 . Theme: A pocket with an x marking the spot. Rectangles, straight stitches, buttons added. After making a pocket we were to make a tag. My pocket is a double pocket. I made two tags .
Two fabric tags for the pockets. I will be adding a hanger to the tag with the leaf.
Pages 5 and 6. Theme: Suffolk Puffs and two colors I rarely use. Purple and orange. French knots and straight stitches used.
Pages 7 and 8. Theme: woven then embellished.
Pages 9 and 10. Theme: Breather pages. These are the new pages being worked on at this time.Whatever embroidery stitches we wanted to use. Stitches need to cross over other stitches. A circle needed to be cut out of the work. I’m anxious to see what comes. It’s a fun learning process.