Hitty Marisol and friend Liberty at Coschoton Sunflower Fields

Marisol and Liberty are heading off for a day in the sunflower fields.
They have arrived.
Some of the sunflowers.
Marisol found one she likes.
Both girls like this one.
Many different varieties of sunflowers are grown here.
The fields had many different set ups for photos. The girls liked the door.
The chandelier.
The frames.
The rocking horse.
A fun day wore the girls out for the trip home. They’ll rest up for another days adventures.

Meadow in the Fairy Garden

New plants had been planted in the fairy garden a few weeks ago.
Here you see the baby’s breath that has grown so tall.
Peperomia plants have grown well also.
ACorn brought Meadow and Feather to the garden.
Meadow feels right at home here with all the thriving plants.
ACorn is now able to stand under most of the foliage in the garden.
Feather is interested in following ACorns lead to discover new places to explore.
Meadow checks the ivy to see all the new growth sprouting out on the vine.
The fairy garden is the place Meadow and Feather will be spending their
time when the weather outdoors isn’t nice.

Hitty Meadow

Hitty Meadow and her fox Feather are new to the Donahey family.
Meadow is a Hitty that loves nature.
Feather goes wherever Meadow goes.
Tiny daffodils are blooming outside the window.
Meadow wanted to see them.
It’s not the nicest day to go outside.
Rain was falling off and on.
Meadow , ACorn and Feather climbed up on the windowsill.
Looking out the window at the daffodils wasn’t as nice as being outside but it was dry.

Maybe another day when its not raining they can all go outside.

Making a small quilt

Hittys make their first quilt.
Using vintage fabric scraps for tiny leaves.
Vintage green polka dot fabric for borders.
Leaves as they are pinned in place and stitched on.
Time to embroider the vine connecting the leaves.
Vines are finished.
Borders are stitched on .
Quilt is finished.

Dresses for Grans

We had no real time to take photos.
Had a few minutes to snap these two.
The Grans kept me busy yesterday making dresses.
Three are finished. The Grans are so happy to finally
have a change of clothing.

The last three Grans are lined up with fabric.
They tell me they will also be very happy to have new clothing.
We are working today on getting the last three dresses made.
We have to keep the Grans happy.

Finished Valentine cards

Hitty Ellen’s friend couldn’t be with her today.
It didn’t matter Ellen was determined to get the Valentines cards finished.
She got to work right away on a card.
The first card is made.
Ellen gathered a few more supplies .
Continuing on she soon had her cards finished.
A happy Ellen with a table of her cards completed.
Now comes the waiting for Valentines Day.

The Red Hat Grans

Last night the Red Hat Grans came marching into my sewing room.
They heard a red hat had been made.
All demanded to see it.
As they stood looking at the hat they reminded me that in this house
the only ones that wear red hats are the Grans.
For some reason they thought the hat was made for them.
When I told the Grans it’s Ellen’s hat. I got a ear full.
I heard loud and clear these ladies want hats.
Red hats, purple hats. They don’t care as long as they get HATS.
They finally marched back home a little upset.
I guess I have my work cut out for me.

A New Hat for Ellen

Ellen was planning on finishing her Valentine cards today.
That didn’t happen.
She did get a new hat made instead.
Ellen and ACorn are looking over the supplies to make her hat.
It’s time to get down to work.
The finished hat ready for a fitting.
ACorn came over to admire it.
The fit is perfect.
ACorn agrees.

Hittys making Valentines

Hitty Ellen and her friend are working on valentines.
First the fabrics get placed on the paper background.
Next they will be stitched down.
They are then cut to size and stitched again.
Ellen is guiding the fabrics under the pressure foot. While down below
her friend is running the foot pedal for her.
Chain stitching the pieces is so much faster than doing one at a time.
The fabric cards are done being sewn.
Back to the table the girls go for the fun part.
Decorating the cards.
How are they going to decorate them?
We’ll have to wait and see.

First snow day

Last night on Donahey maybe a half inch of snow fell.
It is rather cold. With the snow and the cold the Hitty’s are dressed well.
As Gran tells the girls a half inch of snow is not much.
They head off to get their sleds.
The girls are going to get a real surprise when they realize sledding is out.
Dressed for the cold in their long Winter capes they will be warm.
I wonder how long they stay out in the cold.