New Summer Dress for Pepper

Seeing the leftover fabric from another project.
I wanted to know if my person would make me a dress.
She agreed to make me one.
I’m picking the thread to use on it.
White was picked by me.
My person picked red.
Turning the iron on to press the fabrics.
It got very hot.
Pressed and ready to stitch.
Pressed again on a well used ironing pad.
The finished dress.

Looking For Bees

Bees have been late arriving in our yard.
Pepper and I went out to see if we could find any today.
We found two in the clover.
He seems friendly enough.
Every time Pepper got close the bee flew off.
I told her to stop looking. She was never going to get close
enough to be in the picture with a bee.
We did find a yellow flower blooming.
The deer hadn’t eaten this one yet.
ACorn climbed up a lamb’s ear while I watched.
The plant does feel soft like a lambs ear.
Climbing around on the rusted garden art
was not easy for me in a dress.
We found a birdbath that had no water in it.
It’s very hot out . Having water in the birdbath
would make a good swimming pool for us.
Maybe next time we could go swimming.
We are going back inside the house where it’s cool.

A Nice Day Until……

This is clover that the bees like.
Carefully we searched for bees.
We didn’t find even one.
ACorn look!
That flower matches my dress.
Time to pose for a picture.
ACorn what is that.
Pepper it’s a snake skin.
ACorn I want to go in. I don’t like snakes.
The skin was long. It went off the
wall and through the grass.
Maybe Pepper is smart to go in.

It was a nice day until we found the snake skin.

Pepper and Buddy

Buddy the dog is 1 1/4 inches tall from his toes to his ear tips.
His hind legs to his back is 3/4 of an inch.
The red stool is very tall compared to Buddy.
It measures a whole 2 inches.
He has been practicing his high jump.
Buddy has Pepper turn her back.
He wants to surprise her with his jumping ability.
Ta Da!
Buddy is high enough now he can give Pepper
doggie kisses without having to be picked up..

Pirate Play

I wanted to play pirate with ACorn.
My person said she would make me a hat
a vest and some pirate pants. She only had time to
make me a vest and hat. Quickly she whipped up a dress
for play today. She promised to finish the pants another day.
ACorn has an eye patch but I don’t want one.
We removed our hats so we could see better.
Buddy decided he would watch our play from his bed.
A treasure chest !
We could hardly wait to see what wonders it held.
Oh my goodness !
Look at all the sparkling jewels and pearls.
So many pearls. I can wrap myself in them.
ACorn was more interested in playing with the boats.
I brought out the cannon to show Pepper.
I told her how it was used to shoot at other ships and steal their treasures.
I don’t think she cared.
It was time to walk the plank.
We didn’t have a plank to walk.
I pulled the teeter totter out .
We practiced walking the plank on it.
ACorn thought walking the plank was fun.
I think it was fun for him because I was the one walking it.
It’s his turn now.
We learned the hard way that it’s best
to use the teeter totter for what it was meant for.
The gang is coming downstairs to join us .
Maybe we’ll play pirate again when I get a real outfit to wear.

Outside with Pepper

I took Pepper outside to explore.
Being a girl Pepper had to pose for a picture by the flowers first.
We checked in the window well to see
if the toad was out. He is.
Milkweed plant for the Monarch Butterflies.
We couldn’t find any hungry hungry caterpillars yet.
Come on ACorn why are you so slow?
The moss is growing just fine.
ACorn isn’t the moss a pretty green?
(ACorn) I guess it is.
Our person has cherries on her tree for the very first time.
She is just leaving them on the tree for the birds.
Having never seen cherries before we had to check them out closer.
We thought about tasting them . Neither of us did.
We’re done with exploring for the day.
Heading inside now.

Sad Pepper

I’m very sad .
This morning I broke my necklace.
ACorn and I gathered up the beads putting them in a little cup.
We then counted them.
Some of the beads have been lost.
There are not enough to restring my necklace.
I told Pepper not to worry.
I would make her another one.
It couldn’t be made with the beads.
I had some silver chain that would work
just fine as a new necklace.
I put it around Pepper’s neck.
Snapped the clasp for her.
Told her how nice it looks.
Pepper what do you think ?
I like it ACorn thank you for making me a new one.

A Visit to ACorn

The Little Wooden Girl put
on her everyday dress and came
to visit me.
I was so happy she came over.
I showed her all my books.
She can borrow them whenever she wants to.
We sat at the table with Slowee the turtle.
She seemed to like him.
Then off we went to play with Prickles the Hedgehog.

An Everyday Dress

The little wooden girl arrived in
her best lacy dress.
Not a good dress for playing.
Her person decided she needed an
everyday dress.
Fabrics were laid out so she could choose one for a dress.
She picked the pink checked fabric.
Out came the scissors ,thread and needle.
Lace was added in for a collar.
The dress was soon finished.
A try on.
It fits!
The lacy dress will be put away for special occasions.
The everyday day dress will be worn

until another everyday dress is made.