More 3″ knitted Izzy Characters

What is she knitting now?
The paper say 3″ something.
Lots of shades of brown yarn here.
Maybe she is knitting a squirrel.
Whatever is being knit is coming along just fine.
Stills looks like it could be a squirrel.
Sorry ACorn a fox was being knit.
Looks like you have a few new animal friends.
Where is that ACorn anyway.
No this is not ACorn it’s Phew.
He likes the new friends. A fox a chicken and an owl.
I guess she wasn’t knitting a squirrel.
Wow! Four new ones have been made.
What do you think ACorn?
Do you think she’s going to make more??????


Snow fell most of the day yesterday.
ACorn and Phew decided to take the tractor out.
Pulling the sled behind the tractor Phew and ACorn took off for a ride.
Snow started to pile up in front of the sled ,
Then snow built up on the tractor wheels.
Snow was getting deeper and sticking to the tires even more.
Phew and ACorn hopped out in the snow.
They had to knock snow off the tires.
Both decided snow fun was over.
They didn’t want to get stuck so deep they might not get out

National Squirrel Appreciation Day

I’m home this morning.
It was National Squirrel Appreciation Day yesterday.
My person has knit me a new hat to replace my lost one.
Most people have ear flaps on their hats. I have cheek flaps on mine.
I need to have my ears out to be alert for danger.
This hat ties on. Less chance of losing it.
Yesterday afternoon I wasn’t home.
My friends came over bearing gifts for me for National Squirrel Appreciation Day.
I thought everyone had forgotten what day it was except my person.
I was just about scared out of my skin when they yelled SURPRISE!
It startled me so bad I threw my arms up in the air and almost fell over.
Such nice gifts from such nice friends.
I won’t have to crack those hard black walnuts for a while.
We all had to pose for a picture.
I’ll never forget this day.

Phew’s Arrival

ACorn arrived on Donahey in March of 2016.
He liked living on Donahey but he was lonely.
He longed for a little animal friend.
In April of 2016 this box arrived.
ACorn knew what was in it.
He was excited about getting the box open.
He pulled out the bubble wrapped package.
He started unwrapping the tissue paper.
He then remembered what was inside the tissue paper. 
He ran and got some clothespins.
He wasn’t sure how many he’d need so he
brought extra’s.
When the tissue paper was removed out popped Phew.
ACorn realized Phew didn’t smell bad so off came the clothespins.
Phew and ACorn are still the
 best of friends to this day.