Rupert’s visit.

While Pepper was visiting ACorn, Ribbit dropped in.
That’s a pretty cool lantern you have ACorn.
You can hold it Ribbit.
How about this wheelbarrow isn’t it neat.
Ribbit , maybe I could give you a ride .
ACorn I think I’m a bit to big for a ride in it.
Pepper brought over the little rubber duck.
Here ACorn the duck fits. Give him a ride.
Just a minute ACorn let me light the way said Ribbit .
They all headed off following ACorn and his wheelbarrow.

Rupert the Frog

Meet Rupert the frog.
He’s new on Donahey.

Here is Rupert with his net.
He’s such a funny little frog.
Rupert saw this picture in my book.
He thinks he can catch a moth or butterfly.
I tried to tell him they aren’t real.
He says he saw one of them flying towards the flowers.
I told him to sit down and rest awhile on the rock.
He did sit down.
He’s up again.
He didn’t rest for long.
I feel sorry for him since I know he
isn’t going to catch dinner tonight with his net.
Rupert said he’d stand guard all night if he has to.
Looks like that’s just what he’s going to do.
I guess I’ll bring him a bug to eat when he catches nothing.