Finished Santa Sweaters

Santa’s together modeling four different cable patterned sweaters.

The sweater on the far right is not a cabled sweater..

I decided to take a break from cables and knit eight more sweaters. I let the yarn dictate the pattern.
As I finish sweater nine and ten each Santa will be able to choose two more new sweaters.
Admiring the sweaters.
They don’t want to choose sweaters until the next two are finished.

Sweater Time for the Santa’s

This is the time for Sweater Sister’s mini sweater challenge. This year the four sweaters will include a cable in the pattern.

The Santa’s are ready for new sweaters this year. Here Santa is looking at the double cable panel sweater. It is the first one to be knit for him this year.

Choosing the yarn color for his sweater.
Getting his size 000 needles out.
Finished turtleneck collar of his sweater.
The first fitting of the sweater. Now on to the sleeves.
The finished sweater.
A happy Santa.

Three more sweaters will be knit. One a week for the next three weeks. Will post as the next three Santa’s get their sweaters.

Sweater completed. Buddies arrive.

Hi ! I’m Charlie.
Got up late this morning.
Just completed the sweater I started yesterday.
Fits perfectly.
One by one my Santa buddies came over to see my finished work .
Leon wants to know if he’ll be getting a sweater soon.
Henry arrived in the autumn gold sweater he had knit for him last week.
He liked the color blue of my sweater.
Sam to my right in the back is in need of a new sweater.
His last years sweater is looking a little ratty.
Finally Moses arrived. In the back to my left.
Wearing his sweater from last year.
We all agree this is the second best time of the year .
New sweater time.
Four more sweaters will be made for the rest of us soon.

A soon to be sweater

Charlie heard a sweater was being knit for him.
He dropped in this morning to see how it was coming along.
He was pleased with the work so far.
I told him I had just started on it.
He tried it on to see if the fit was right.
He liked the color. Said it went well with his eyes.
Charlie wanted to know just how many sweaters I was making.
I told him just one blue sweater for him.
He wondered if maybe he should learn how to knit.

Visit with Santa

ACorn and friends starting to decorate their home for Christmas.
Santa drops in to see if they’ve been good. All were very surprised by the visit.
They entertain Santa with some Christmas songs.
Santa is very busy at this time of year. He had to leave soon after being entertained by the Little Wooden’s .  ACorn and Boo promised not to be naughty.  They’ll see on Christmas Eve if Santa had them in his Good Book.