Lynn Drive-In Theater

We went for a drive on a sunny day.
We drove by the Lynn Drive-In Theater.
It is in Strasburg Ohio not far from where we live.
My person took some pictures.
The Lynn is the oldest drive-in theater in Ohio.
I guess on Sundays it has a Flea Market.
The theater has two big screens so you can chose
what double feature you want to see.
We didn’t go to the movies just drove by.
My person said when she was young
she baby-sat for the owners children.

She baby-sat at the movies so she got to see them for free.

Brick Wall Sculpture Part 2

Section 7
Signs of communities
Showing this section again so you can see how close
the surrounding communities are to Sugarcreek.
Section 1
Section 5
Baltic one of the small towns around Sugarcreek.
Section 6
Ragersville another town around Sugarcreek.
In 1908 Alta Weiss was a rather famous female baseball pitcher.
Born in Ragersville played on Cleveland team as a pitcher.
ACorn is next to her hat on the wall.
Section 8
Dundee Ohio
Section 12
Education. Business and Industry
Section 13
Community working together.
I’m glad I wore my blue sweater .
I might have blended in with the wall otherwise.

I have shown all sections of the wall sculpture.
I haven’t seen it at night when it is lite up. I bet it
looks very nice then.

Brick Wall Sculpture

Sugarcreek Ohio

Section 7 Signs of Communities.
I went to see this carved brick wall. It is a wall on the history
of the listed towns.
The sculpture is located in downtown Sugarcreek.
The wall consists of thirteen of these large carved brick sections.
They are all connected. My person took individual pictures but none of the whole piece together.

Today’s post is only about Sugarcreek.
Tomorrow I will post the next six sections.
Section 2 Brick, Clay and Coal.
Belden Brick company in Sugarcreek.
Section 3 Cheese and Dairy.
Cheese making is big in this area.
Section 4 Swiss Culture.
Sugarcreek is considered to be
Little Switzerland of Ohio.
Section 9 Sugarcreek.
Downtown Sugarcreek has buildings
built like Swiss Chalets.
Section 10 Amish Culture.
Sugarcreek is surrounded by Amish farms.
Section 11 Agriculture.
The diverse life in and around Sugarcreek.
This large plaque lists what each section represents, the donors
and the artist name.


When I go outside late at night with my person we hear an owl hooting.
At times like that I’m happy I’m made of wood.
An owl wouldn’t dare eat me. It could end up having lots of splinters.
Look at the talons on the owls legs as it goes after the rabbit.

I was able to get a close look at a Great Horned Owl.
This one had a large wing span. I guess that’s good to have when
hunting . You have to be able to fly off with your prey.
The Barn Owl was a bit smaller.
You can dissect  owl pellets to see what it has eaten.
These are owl wings you can pick up and look at closer.
You could hold a pair of owl legs with the talons also.

I didn’t do that. They were so much bigger than me. I couldn’t
hold them. I did look . 

That’s all I have on owls for now.
I still plan on keeping my ears and eyes open when I go out at night and
hear that owl hooting.

Wilderness Center Wilmot Ohio

I went to the Wilderness Center in Wilmot Ohio.
It has many interesting subjects to learn about.
Today I learned a little about underground Ecosystems .
I saw this tunnel that kids can crawl through.
It has large insects hanging on the inside .
These are some of the insects that live underground.
I’m standing in the tunnel but I’m small.
Some snakes live underground.
Many insects and different kinds of worms live their too
Ants live underground.
You are allowed to interact with the displays as you’re learning. 
These underground homes are on the outside of the kids tunnel.
I took advantage of being able to interact 
as I went inside the animals tunnels.
 I found that this size was a better fit for me.

It looks almost real. It would be awful if it was.
It’s pretty big compared to me. 
It looked as if this critter could pick me up by the 
tail and carry me off.
I have so much more to learn about Ecosystems.
I may need to go to the library for some books.

Two Ohio Snakes

I learned about Red Cornsnakes.
They are non venomous .
I did see one behind glass.
This is Zea. Maybe she thinks I’m dinner.
Zea’s active today. She’s crawling down the back wall.
She’s very pretty.
I don’t know what I think being small and down at her level.
This is Zea’s old skin.  She sheds every few months.
This is Boris. He’s looking at me through the glass.
He’s big but not so scary. An Eastern Ratsnake is good to have around barns and
sheds. They eat mice and rats.
Boris didn’t move the whole time I was looking at him.
Only two snakes today. 
I’ll be back tomorrow showing what else I learned .

Rocket Booster Memorial

I’m off on an adventure. What will I find today?
In Sugarcreek Ohio I found a memorial for
Lt. General Donald L Putt. He was born here.
A replica of a rocket booster. Lt. Putt was known to have worked on developing 
the first segmented solid rocket engine. I was checking it out.
I needed a closer look. 
This is big and it isn’t even the real size of a rocket booster.
They are much bigger than this.
I did read the plaque honoring Lt. Putt.
My person held me up so I could read this article.
You never know what you will find on an adventure.
Always have  your mind and eyes open to possibilities .
More information about Lt General Donald L Putt can be found
by doing an online search .

Heinis Cheese Chalet

I’m off on another road trip. Heading to Heini’s Cheese Chalet.
 Home of Bunker Hill Cheese.
 Hope to see cheese being made today.
I saw a few Amish Buggies on the way . Managed to get a picture of this one.
I’m almost at Heini’s.
As I went in the door this is what greeted me. I am standing on the ledge looking even if you can’t see me.
That cow is big!
I was so excited. I was going to see how cheese is made. What a shock for me. 
All shiny stainless steel cheese making vats were empty.
There’s not a worker in sight. I may never get to see how cheese is made.
The trip wasn’t a total loss. I went into the salesroom . 
It was stocked with many different kinds of cheeses. The best part is you can sample most of them. 
Colby and smoked sharp cheddar . Hot pepper cheese, ghost pepper cheese even yogurt cheese’s.
So many different cheeses. I can’t show them all.
I had a favorite of all the samples I tasted. It is this one in the picture.
 Chocolate cheese fudge. I even bought some to take home for later.
I plan to come again. The cheese vats better be full so I can see how it’s made.


National Pie Day was yesterday. Instead of baking pies I headed off on a road trip to search for different types of pies.
We ended up at Walnut Creek Cheese. There is a nice bakery inside this place.
I rode in the shopping cart. It says kids can’t be in the cart.
 I’m not a kid I’m a squirrel.  I rode in the cart.
I spotted Fry Pies right away. Lots of Fry Pies.
Every kind you might want.
Whoopie Pies were next. 
Many delectable Whoopie pies .
Even more pies could be found. Regular sized pies.
Mini pies.
Cream pies. 
If only I could have sampled each kind. I had a hard time deciding what pie I’d take 
home with me. After  contemplating for sometime I chose fry pies. A peach,
raspberry and apple.
 I had a fun outing learning about the many different kinds of pies around the area.
 So much better than baking pies all day.