Motorcyclist Wall Memorial

Buddy and I are on our way to see the Motorcyclist Wall Memorial in Hopedale Ohio.
We are looking for someones name that has been placed there.
Both of us are very small standing in front of the wall .
We sat on the big granite bike .
I took my bike. It’s just a bike not a motorcycle. Buddy and I are riding double.
We rode all around the wall reading the names on the bricks of all the riders that are no longer with us.
The American Flag and the Ohio Flag fly at the memorial.
I brought along my little flag to honor them. We sat on top of the wall quietly for a while.
At the end we did find the name we were looking for.

AAA Visit

I’m off to AAA this morning. Had to get a tour book . Maybe a map or two.
 Looking for new adventures .
They offer lots of travel services. I’m only traveling locally.
I had to get my picture taken standing in the center A,
It’s open and I’m going in to see what information I can pick up.
Hundreds of brochures. Hard to pick travel ideas.
Home with my tour book. Have to read up on what I want to see.
This looks good.
Studying my map so I’ll know how to get to the next adventure.
 Hopefully I will find fun ideas for future trips.
Will only go if the weather is good. 

Dreamsville Part II

As I entered the railroad station I spotted this machine. 
It flattens a penny stamping a design on it.
 I had choice’s on what design I wanted. I picked the train engine. 
My person turned the handle then out fell the penny
Like the machine says I created a unique souvenir of my trip.
We didn’t get to tour the museum it was closing 10 minutes after we arrived.
I’m standing in front of the red caboose. I did get to go in it.
Inside the caboose. 
The caboose has enough room for the brakemen to be comfortable in.
It has three desks with chairs and lights, 
It also has a small bathroom a closet and a bed.
It does have a small stove for heat and cooking.
Little black stove.
This is the desk top. Each desk has a window.
The desk tops are big enough to spread papers out on for work.
I think I would be alright living in a caboose as a stowaway.
I ended my trip by standing on the fence railing.
The train behind me is the Polar Express train that runs in December.

Dreamsville U S A

Today I made a stop at the Dennison Railway yard.
I looked at train cars so big they made me look like a speck standing near them.
In years gone by Dennison was a water stop for the trains passing through.
I know you probably can’t see me but I’m standing by the wheel.
Here I am.
During World War II Dennison was a canteen stop for tired weary soldiers . When the trains stopped to fill up with water ladies offered the soldiers sandwiches and something to drink. At that time this town became known as Dreamsville U S A.
Photos from the canteen days.
A sign painted on the side of the railroad station. 
I’m trying to get close so I can see the pictures better. 
You can learn the history of Dreamsville by googling it if you want to.
I have more pictures for another day from my Dennison stop.

Covered Bridge

On my travels today I found a Covered Bridge.  
It wasn’t a long Bridge.
It does have water flowing under it. 
Lots of Amish Buggies go through here.
We’re getting closer to go through it.
It has a sign with information about
the bridge.
 My person forgot to take a picture
of it.
There is a walkway on the left so you can walk across it.
We didn’t do that. 
The bridge looks like a house with two walls and a roof.
I don’t know why you need a roof on a bridge.

Beach City Dam

Today we went to the Dam.
I was just a speck on the sign.
It has been raining here. The water is high and fast moving.
I crawled up on a huge piece of cement and looked down at the water.
I climbed a tree . The water was loud. I was scared of falling in .
I scurried  down the tree trunk.  Jumped in the car . 
I was done for the day with anything to do with water.

Short Outing

ACorn likes riding in the car this way. 
He gets to see everything coming up before anyone else does.
He didn’t get the adventure he wanted . The road was closed.
Maybe another day we can come back.
Heading back to the car he found a nice pine cone.
He was thrilled that he found a painted rock.
Then sad it was to big to take home.
It started to rain so his first adventure of 2019 ended.
We’ll try again another day for discovering new things.

Giant Cuckoo Clock

Buddy and I visit the giant cuckoo clock in Sugarcreek Ohio.
When we arrived it had just stuck the half hour. All the carved figures were out. Some were dancing some were playing music.
I jumped on the fence to get a better view.
They’re gone until the next half hour strikes.
I climbed up in the tree to get a closer look.  That’s one good thing about being a tiny squirrel.
I stood by the Sugarcreek arch with Buddy for a photo. 
A closeup photo of us at the arch.
We then headed off  for the next adventure.


I went to the chocolate factory to watch the chocolates being made.
I looked in the viewing window.
Hand Made Treats!
I don’t see any treats being made.

I arrived to late in the day .
I went down to the next window. Truffles!
Truffles and more Truffles all on racks. So far away.
So many yummy chocolates in the showcase. It was hard to choose.
I helped buy a basket full for gifts. Yes I bought some for myself too. 
Maybe on my next visit I’ll get to see chocolates being made.